Executive Presence for SEOs - Cohort #2 Signup

The second cohort starts next week!

Update: Signups are closed. They went very fast 😲. Thanks for the support. If you didn’t manage to get a ticket my apologies. Hang tight for the full course!

The SEO MBA is about education. I’m on a mission to help SEO professionals level up their business skills, gain confidence and operate more effectively at senior levels. It’s a skills gap I’ve written about before.

So far mostly the SEO MBA has been this email newsletter (hi!) - but I’m also building an online course to teach executive presence. I’ve been working on the course materials since the start of the year but I want to make sure the material is polished and that I get in-person feedback which is why these beta programs exist.

I ran the first beta back in April with a small cohort and while the material was rough in parts the feedback was really positive:

“I was part of the SEO MBA beta cohort and I highly recommend this course to SEOs who are looking to level up their strategic skills. The course covers all things SEO strategy including forecasting, effective presentations and working cross-functionally with different teams. Throughout the course, Tom shares processes and examples that are applicable to those client-side, agency-side and solo consultants. It’s extremely actionable and includes lots of learnings that I embedded in my day to day work. Most importantly, I now feel much more confident presenting my SEO vision to leadership and executive teams.” - Areej AbuAli - Head of SEO, Papier

I learned a lot from the process and the feedback but there’s still work to be done so I’m running another beta course - further refining and polishing the material before producing the full course.

The format is a weekly 90 min zoom chat at 12pm ET on Wednesdays, starting next week (Wed 15th).

The material should be applicable whether you’re working in-house, at an agency or as a solo consultant. But it’ll be most applicable if you’re working with larger companies where cross-functional issues and executive presence matter most (they matter in SMB and startups too but perhaps less so).

If you’re interested there’s all the info and a signup link here:

Course Signup

Note: I’m capping the seats at 10-15 so if you don’t manage to grab a spot my apologies! Hang tight and the full course is on it’s way soon.